Asado de Puerco

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This is to me, one of the most representative dishes of the North of Mexico. “Asado de Puerco” also known as Asado de boda, Mancha manteles, Chile colorado, and maybe more. It’s traditionally made with pork cut into bite size pieces and cooked in water and aromatics until tender. Then, it is simmered in a rich and thick sauce made with dry chiles and spices.

My Asado de Puerco is Nuevo León style, and this is how we make it in my family. At least how my mom makes it; I know each of my tías and sisters have a version of this dish, and I still haven’t met one I didn’t like.

What you need to make Asado de Puerco

Pork shoulder, butt or loin. These all work great for this dish but definitely the fattier the meat is, the better is going to taste.

Garlic cloves.

Bay leaf

Orange. You are going to use the peel and juice.

Chile ancho.

Chile guajillo

Dry Mexican oregano

Dry thyme



White vinegar.

Helpful Tips and Tricks

If the meat you used is very lean and has little fat, you need to add some to brown the pork once is tender. Lean meat is also not the most flavor full so, using lards for this step is highly recommended and encouraged.

This dish tastes better with time and it freezes great! You might want to double this batch after I tell you all the ways you can eat it.

How to serve Asado de Puerco

-Asado de Puerco with rice and beans. Classic.

Asado de puerco burritos. Nothing says Nuevo León more than asado de puerco and flour tortillas.

Asado de puerco tostadas. Smear some beans on tostadas and add the Asado de puerco. Top it with shredded cabbage and pickled onions.

Asado de puerco nachos. Add cheddar cheese to con tortillas and bake them until cheese is melted. Top with asado de puerco and serve with pico de gallo and sour cream. (My mouth is watering as I type)

Full recipe below


Hello, my name is Marisol Chancellor. I was born and raised in Monterrey Mexico. I’ve been living in Texas for 12 years and even when I love barbeque, fruit cobblers and sweet tea, there’s something that has the power of transporting me right back to my mom’s kitchen and gives me a little piece of home, cooking. I grew up in the kitchen and for me, memories are always linked to food, and behind the food, well, there’s always a story that comes along. So, please let me share with you my love for cooking and while we are at it, let’s share some memories, because let’s be honest, we are also hungry for nostalgia.

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