Roasted Red Pepper Pasta

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This recipe is a twist on the classic “Espagueti Verde” aka Green Spaghetti. This pasta is very popular in Mexico, if you go to a Holiday dinner or a special celebration, it is for sure that you are going to find Espagueti Verde on the menu. For this recipe I used red bell peppers instead of the traditional Poblano peppers. I wanted a milder pepper flavor and also a little sweetness. Red bell peppers were perfect for this recipe.

What you need to make Roasted Red Pepper Pasta

Pasta. Whatever shape you like the best

Neutral oil

Red bell peppers. I like red because they are a little sweeter than green but green would also be delicious.

Roma tomato. You can also sub for 1/4 cup tomato sauce

Garlic cloves

Chicken bouillon

Mexican crema

Parmesan cheese and croutons for serving (optional)

You can find my recipe for parmesan croutons here: Parmesan Croutons – Marisol Cooks

Helpful Tips and Tricks

If you don’t want to go through the process of charring and cleaning the peppers you can also use jarred roasted peppers. They are already clean and ready to use. Jarred peppers are more flavorful than canned pepper in my opinion so I would go for those first.

Reserve some of the pasta water. This is not only going to help you get a creamier consistency when added to the sauce but also the starch from the water if going to make the sauce stick to the pasta.

Other Variations

If you would like to try the classic Green Spaghetti just sub for poblano peppers. Do the same process of charring and cleaning the peppers. Leave the Roma tomatoes out and add a small bunch of fresh cilantro (about 1/4 cup) when you are ready to blend the peppers, garlic, chicken bouillon and Mexican crema.


Hello, my name is Marisol Chancellor. I was born and raised in Monterrey Mexico. I’ve been living in Texas for 12 years and even when I love barbeque, fruit cobblers and sweet tea, there’s something that has the power of transporting me right back to my mom’s kitchen and gives me a little piece of home, cooking. I grew up in the kitchen and for me, memories are always linked to food, and behind the food, well, there’s always a story that comes along. So, please let me share with you my love for cooking and while we are at it, let’s share some memories, because let’s be honest, we are also hungry for nostalgia.

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